3 weeks ago
The World Health Statistics released by @WHO are a great example of the power of data. It shows the reason why data is so important: to create useful dashboards leading to insights thanks to careful analysis. 👏🏿👩🏾‍💼👨🏼‍💻Network, what do you think of it? #dataviz #digitalTransformation https://t.co/myZGwv7bcu CERHIS_org photo
4 weeks ago
ULB-Cooperation will present some lessons learned from the #implementation of CERHIS at the @hpnkivu during @ECTMIH2019. Join us on Wednesday morning. 👋🏼 #eHealth https://t.co/GZtTtv34ZI
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becausehealth @Be_causehealth
Opening of #ECTMIH2019 in great city of Liverpool. Ready for a week of academic exchange, of which many Belgian sessions. Check our highlights here https://t.co/scWsC48B6n https://t.co/M9F6K3Zi5r
1 month ago
Merci pour votre #témoignage 🙏🏼 Nous sommes également convaincus des #opportunités et #avantages du #numérique. Nous essayons de les mettre en évidence dans le secteur de la #santé grace à un outil indispensable à un #hôpital : un dossier #patient digitalisé. https://t.co/amBHseQdzw
1 month ago
Did you know that CERHIS can help verifying this kind of #data? As each patient consulted is registered in a #database with pre-configured #diagnosis, it is then really easy to have such #epidemiological data! #D4D #eHealth https://t.co/gb3j3O5Fdx CERHIS_org photo
2 months ago
We’re already checking 3 and a half of these 5 methods to improve clinical care through an #EMR. Scheduling and #biometric recognition is in our pipeline too. ✌🏽 #eHealth #healthcareIT https://t.co/KZXVzpGhX6
2 months ago
Félicitations à la #RDC pour ce premier pas décisif ! https://t.co/AfhvE6mFcf CERHIS_org photo