Example of implementation

Funded by the Global Fund, CERHIS has been installed since December 2017 in three structures in the Masina I Health Zone in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. These three structures have a total volume of nearly 2000 patients each month.

The Roi Baudouin General Reference Hospital has about 150 beds and employs about 120 people. The other two structures are Bolingo and Kitoko health centers. CERHIS operates in complete electric autonomy in these last two structures, thanks to solar panels.

In general, the installation of CERHIS in the structures takes place in several stages. The server and router are installed and configured to ensure data synchronisation between tablets. Each structure is equipped with a storage cabinet specifically designed for the project, allowing the storage of the server, the router, the batteries, as well as the charging of the tablets in a centralised and secure place.

Initial training of health staff is provided by local partners. Regular monitoring is done to ensure the proper handling of the software by each staff member. Remote monitoring makes it possible to check that the equipment is working properly.

Hospital managers can continuously consult health facility management data and at the end of the month can send aggregated data directly from the CERHIS application to  DHIS2, the health information system used at the national level in the DRC.

CERHIS works in several structures in sub-Saharan Africa thanks to funding from: